500 GSM Cotton Towels

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    • 100% Cotton
    • 500 GSM
    • Long lasting
    • Great choice of Colour
    • Easy to Clean

    Available in 4 Sizes: Face Cloth 30x30 cm (12x12 inch); Hand Towels 50x90 cm (20x35 inch); Bath Towels 70x130 cm (28x51 inch); Bath Sheets 90x150 cm (35x59 inch)

    Bath Mats with 850 GSM size 50 x 85cm (20x33 inch) in matching colours are available too.

    If you're looking for towels you've come to the right place. All our towels are of high quality. Our Cotton towels come in an extensive range of colours; you'll find at Kimi’s Beauty Shop exactly what you need.

    If you like a very soft towel but prefer one that’s thinner and lighter, you might like our 500GSM Towels. It’s a nice-looking towel at a very budget-friendly price. We think it would be a great choice if you have young kids and want to buy a stack of towels for them without spending a lot of money. We are using ourselves these towels for years with no complaints about softness or comfort when using. Practically speaking, the towel is easier to manage and hang, but still plenty absorbent.

    To highlight a few further benefits of this great 500 Gram per Square-meter Towels.

    Our 500GSM Towels dry quickly so that it’s ready for your next shower and not prone to developing a smell.

    You can use our 500 Gram per Square-meter Towels over the long term, it shouldn’t fall apart, shred, or unravel. Shrinkage, and fading, although normal with repeated use, should not occur to an annoying degree.

    A too-small or too-big towel is unpleasant, leaving you feeling cold and uncovered or drowning. The amount of coverage will vary from person to person, because of this we offer 4 Sizes from Small Face Cloth, Hand Towels, Bath Towels to Bath Sheets.

    Although you’ll find some fans of alternative, we believe that our 100 percent Cotton Towels deliver the combination of absorbency, softness, and durability that most people are looking for.