Raw materials and Suppliers of our LR Products

Raw materials and Suppliers

LR prioritises the use of natural and premium raw materials in line with the latest findings in research and development. We therefore cooperate with experienced raw material suppliers. As our focus is on premium quality, our suppliers are subject to stringent checks. We ensure the use of high quality raw material and check, for instance, the composition of every LR product prior to approval of the recipe. All raw materials supplied are subject to a specific individual inspection plan - each batch is checked for the respective analysis data and documentation.Furthermore, it is of major importance to us that the respective production sites comply with the applicable national and international regulations. We do not tolerate child labour nor impermissible working times, forced labour or insufficient occupational safety. Regular on-site inspections at the suppliers, e.g. at our Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller cultivation area in Mexico, ensure the quality of our raw material as well as compliance with the social requirements. Moreover, the SGS INSTISTUT FRESENIUS continuously investigates our entire Aloe Vera cultivation where no pesticides or other hazardous chemicals are used. To this end, the working conditions on the plantations are also inspected. A further seal of quality is our membership in the "International Aloe Science Council“ (IASC), an internationally operating association that aims to protect the interests of the Aloe Vera industry especially in view of science and research. As part of its "Code of Ethics“, the IASC developed quality standards and strict requirements for audits conducted in a two-year cycle.

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