Information helping you to find the right Towel!

We at Kimi’s Beauty Shop offer a wide selection of Cotton Towels in different Colours and Sizes from Face Cloth and Hand and Bath Towels over Extra Large Bath Sheets to Bathmats.

Our Towels made from cotton and soft as their yarn is smooth and silky and less prone to fuzzies.

Our Terry Towels are woven with many protruding loops of thread, which can absorb large amounts of water.

But now you have the challenge: How to Choose the new Towels?

We Know that visit our selection of Towels can be overwhelming and you’ll be faced with stacks and stacks of towels, in a wide range of prices and it’s hard to choose. Your mission to buy soft, absorbent towels.

Here’s some advice from us that shall help you to make the right choice!


Thicker, heavier towels are usually more absorbent than lighter, thinner Towels, but take longer to dry, of course.
Towels made of cotton, are super absorbent.  

Kimi’s Beauty Shop offers a wide selection of Colours and Sizes of Cotton  Towels at different thickness.

Find here our Range of 450GSM Towels

Find here our Range of 500GSM Towels

Find here our Range of 650GSM Towels

Find here our Range of Extra Large Bath Sheets 550GSM 

Find here our Range of 850GSM Cotton Bathmats

Beach Changing Robes 350-400GSM

The Importance of GSM for your Towel Selection

At Kimi’s Beauty Shop we put quality first to allow you to make the decision what makes the best high-quality towel for you.

Here we are giving you the key to help, making your decision – it’s called GSM!

This is the standard measurement for the weight and quality of towels. It is a measure of density, and higher GSM cotton towels are normally heavier and have a higher capacity for absorption.

Normally, towels range between 300 – 900 GSM. Here’s a breakdown:

300-400 GSM – These towels are lighter and thinner. This also means that they’ll dry faster. Could be ideal for the gym or kitchen.

400-600 GSM  Beach towels and bath towels fit well into this medium category. Remember, we’re increasing absorbency as the numbers go up.

600-900 GSM – These puppies will take a long while to dry, they are quite heavy therefore their absorbency is amazing! Not ideal for commercial purposes.

In conclusion, different GSM values can be good for different settings. Don’t forget – numbers matter, and it’s important to know what you’re buying.

In the Laundry

Towels absorb large amounts of dirt and body oils and should be laundered frequently.  Please chose a good Washing Powder that removes stains from body oil, dirt, grass, and more.

Also keep in mind that you want to sort your towels, washing dark and/or colored towels separately, because they can bleed. To keep your white towels bright you might consider a Washing Powder with bleaching components.

Liquid fabric softeners do work, but they leave a film that decreases a towel’s absorbency and increases flammability. Use dryer sheets instead. Most towels shrink, so use the appropriate heat setting. If your dryer has a moisture sensor then all the better. If you like to be more Environmentally Friendly drying it on your clothesline will save energy and you will have a longer lasting Towel.

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