Here we have collected a few Care tips for healthy hair!

Here you will find some care tips to optimally maintain the beauty and strength of your hair.

At first, we have a very simple advice everyone can do to to help the hair to stay strong and for this we like to highlight that hair doesn't need to be washed every day. To give your Hair the right care is completely sufficient to wash it every two to three days, this will help the scalp to regenerate its natural acid mantle. So, keep in mind at times less is more and you will find the right Hair Shampoo for this approach in our Lavera Naturkosmetik range.

Blow dryers and hair straightening irons put strain on the hair and also influence the valuable moisture of your hair. Therefore, we recommend, the hair should be dried in the air rather than with a blow dryer. The straightening iron should also only be used at times and in selected situations and at times it might be enough to use a wide-toothed comb after washing your Hair to detangle damp hair. This will avoid unnecessary hair breakage. You should also look out to use natural materials for the comb, because they are usually gentler on the hair.

We know especially at wintertime we like to wear a hat, cap or beanie to protect us against rain and wind but hats off! Headgear can easily dry out your hair, especially during the cold months in winter. Let your scalp breathe and take off the headdress from time to time, your scalp will thank you. Also using light breathable natural fabrics are a possible alternative to conventional materials for headgear.

Then our last advice would be, to give your hair an extra portion of care once or twice a week and use one of our Lavera Naturkosmetik conditioners! For the best result with normal hair, the conditioner should be worked into the tips and the hairline should be left out.

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